Wolves and Swans and Unicorns. Oh my!

Are you looking for more books to add to your library? I write book reviews from a Christian perspective for Jennifer Hallmark’s column “Friday Fiction: Books From Off the Beaten Track.” The following are what’s on her column so far, and there’ll be more on the way.

Dogs in Space and Dragons in Bathtubs

Here is a book review I wrote last year, discussing the book Laika: Astronaut Dog. It tells the story of the dog who rode Sputnik-2, and in my review I discuss whether we should edit history to avoid remembering the unpleasant.

My friend and fellow author C.E. White has written an adorable book called When Your Dragon Is Too Big For a Bath, and now it’s looking for funders on Kickstarter. If your child loves dragons, and if you want to teach your child how to handle problems as big as, well, a dragon, then you’ll love this book. I love how illustrator Bhagya Madanasinghe portrays the dragon. He’s so cute, especially when he’s praying with his human family.

Click on the following link to help fund the book.