A Christmas Book Review and Music

Merry Early Christmas, everyone! I wrote a review on a sweet story called Nick, the Christmas Coyote. You can find it on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog “Off the Beaten Track,” where you can read other reviews written by me and others. What are your favorite Christmas carols? For an extra festive treat, here’s a version ofContinue reading “A Christmas Book Review and Music”

Dog Stories for Young Kids

You may have detected my obsession with canine stories. *smiles* If you share my love for them, here’s a couple of adorable tales for younger children. This here is Pupunzel, a retelling of Rapunzel for emerging readers. Like Rapunzel, this cute golden pup has super long hair and is stuck in a tower. I doContinue reading “Dog Stories for Young Kids”

Why I Read More Kids’ Books Than YA Books: A Casual Conversation Post — Words

Note: I shared this post from Kaley Kriesel’s blog Words. Read on to find encouragement if you’ve ever felt silly for reading kids’ books as an adult or teen. Or even for writing more children’s stories than YA stories. I myself dabble in YA writing here and there, but I’ll probably be writing more children’sContinue reading “Why I Read More Kids’ Books Than YA Books: A Casual Conversation Post — Words”

Literacy Lessons for Homeschool

The new school year is just around the corner (or maybe it has already arrived for you). Are you looking for ways to have your children analyze their favorite books? University of Cincinnati Speech and Hearing Clinic has a YouTube channel that reads books and teaches lessons related to the books. This here is LittleContinue reading “Literacy Lessons for Homeschool”

A Feathery Book Review and a New Puppy!

Hi, all. A new book review, written by yours truly, is posted on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog. It’s Birds of the Air by S.E.M. Ishida. You may recognize Ishida’s name, as I re-blog some of her posts here on this site. And here’s a fun fact: she and I used to be in the same writingContinue reading “A Feathery Book Review and a New Puppy!”

Trying to Get Your Kids to Read?

Are you looking for ways to get kids reading during the summer? Children’s author Diane Davies has tips on encouraging young people to read⁠—she has experience with teaching, after all. Click on the bottom link to access ways to have kids get access to books while being adventurous and having fun. Below are books DaviesContinue reading “Trying to Get Your Kids to Read?”

The Purpose of Fiction in Real Life – Guest Post by Shalynn Mellerup — M Liz Boyle

The following post is from M. Liz Boyle’s website. Enjoy reading about the benefits of fiction by Shalynn Mellerup, and be sure to check out her picture books. With all the worthwhile non-fiction available, do we really need fiction stories? Today we’re welcoming my friend Shalynn Mellerup to the blog! Read on to see herContinue reading “The Purpose of Fiction in Real Life – Guest Post by Shalynn Mellerup — M Liz Boyle”