“The Floor is Lava” Game Is Still Going!

If you’re on MeWe, join me in a game of “The Floor is Lava.” Join the group “The floor is lava, come play,” and post a funny meme of somebody keeping their feet off the floor. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on other memes, too. Whoever receives the most responses on their memeContinue reading ““The Floor is Lava” Game Is Still Going!”

On MeWe? Come Play “The Floor is Lava” with Me!

When you were little, did you pretend the floor or ground was lava? Well, if you’re on MeWe, you can now play that game virtually! Just join the group “The floor is lava, come play,” and let’s pretend the ground is the red, fiery stuff. Post a funny meme of a person or animal keepingContinue reading “On MeWe? Come Play “The Floor is Lava” with Me!”

Looking for Children’s Books?

Hi, everyone. Do you use the social media service MeWe? I do, and I’m an administrator for the MeWe group Children’s Book Store, Books 4 to 8yo Specifically. There I’ll be posting fun, bookish questions, like the question below. What were your favorite books as a child? Pictured below is a book I loved whenContinue reading “Looking for Children’s Books?”

A Christmas-y Book Review

Hello, everyone! Christmas is a season that’s filled with fun stories. Here is a kid’s book that’s perfect for your holiday collection. It’s called The Christmas Fox by Anik McGrory. Don’t have the book but want to read it for Christmas? It is available for Kindle and Nook Book for a quick purchase. There’s alsoContinue reading “A Christmas-y Book Review”

Kid’s Book Advent and Gift Ideas for Everyone

Still looking for ideas on how to countdown to Christmas with your young children? Why not read a book per advent day? The following links give ideas on what books to add to your advent list. Do you need ideas on gifts for your kid and teen readers? Bona Fide Bookworm is a source forContinue reading “Kid’s Book Advent and Gift Ideas for Everyone”

Book Feature: Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Joe Sutphin

Have you heard of Little Pilgrim’s Progress? It’s the children’s version of the John Bunyan classic by Helen L. Taylor. Recently, Joe Sutphin made an illustrated version with animal characters. James D. Witmer, author of The Strange New Dog, has written a review of this book. I haven’t read Sutphin’s version myself, but I likeContinue reading “Book Feature: Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Joe Sutphin”

Almost Fully Funded!

You’ve probably seen in a past post that my fellow author C.E. White has a book on Kickstarter called When Your Dragon Is Too Big for a Bath. It’s almost fully funded! If you haven’t contributed yet, please do. The pictures are adorable, and the story itself illustrates how a child can exercise faith inContinue reading “Almost Fully Funded!”