Middle Grade Anthologies

Featuring my story “A Japanese Adventure with Hachi”

While Stacy grieves the loss of her dog, something shakes up her world. A talking Akita approaches her and her friend Mana, asking them to help fight the dragon that kidnapped his master. With the Akita’s portal-creating magic, they enter Japan, and Stacy learns to heal as they brave through caves, fight the massive beast, and give of themselves for each other.

Featuring my story “The Princess of Lusanda”

Thirteen-year-old Princess Raylin, sister of Lusanda’s king, loves making practical jokes. Especially as they distract her from her fears, including her fear for the queen in labor. But when enemies led by a warlock invade her kingdom, she grows up fast as she and her newborn nephew escape the castle with their courageous dog, Tindren. Raylin strives to protect the baby prince, even if it means moving far from Lusanda, where the grass turns blue at night and her people fly like birds.