A Dog Snatcher and an Exalted Dragon Warrior

Did you play “The Floor is Lava” last week? Another round of the game is coming next week. Keep an eye for it. 🙂 Remember Kandi J. Wyatt’s giveaway I announced two weeks ago? Congratulations to whoever won it! However, I made a mistake. Exalted and The Dog Snatcher weren’t books that were being givenContinue reading “A Dog Snatcher and an Exalted Dragon Warrior”

A Giveaway of Middle Grade and YA Books!

Need to fill up your bookshelf? Author Kandi J. Wyatt is hosting a giveaway of books on her site. It’s happening for three more days, so don’t delay in signing up! The following are the books in the giveaway. (Fun fact: I had the honor of reading Vincent in Wonderland and To Slay a CurseContinue reading “A Giveaway of Middle Grade and YA Books!”

Exciting Adventures for Middle Graders

Looking for an adventure story for your 8 to 12-year-olds? Try S.D. Smith’s The Green Ember series. I’ve only listened to the first audiobook of the series, and it was great. It can be compared to the Redwall series. You can download the first audiobook for FREE when you sign up for S.D. Smith’s newsletter,Continue reading “Exciting Adventures for Middle Graders”

Books About Spiritual Warfare for Middle Graders

Are you looking for a middle grade novel or series that features kids facing spiritual warfare head-on? Allen Brokken’s books Light of Mine and Still Small Voice are out on Amazon’s Audible Audiobook.

Almost Fully Funded!

You’ve probably seen in a past post that my fellow author C.E. White has a book on Kickstarter called When Your Dragon Is Too Big for a Bath. It’s almost fully funded! If you haven’t contributed yet, please do. The pictures are adorable, and the story itself illustrates how a child can exercise faith inContinue reading “Almost Fully Funded!”

Dogs in Space and Dragons in Bathtubs

Here is a book review I wrote last year, discussing the book Laika: Astronaut Dog. It tells the story of the dog who rode Sputnik-2, and in my review I discuss whether we should edit history to avoid remembering the unpleasant. My friend and fellow author C.E. White has written an adorable book called WhenContinue reading “Dogs in Space and Dragons in Bathtubs”