Did You Know I Wrote Another Book Review?

To answer the title question, I did write a review that was posted last month on Story Warren. There you’ll read more about the historical novel for middle graders called The Bobtails Meet the Preacher’s Kid. But this is no ordinary preacher’s kid; this preacher’s kid is a troubled one. This book was written byContinue reading “Did You Know I Wrote Another Book Review?”

Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review Four

Here’s the last review for now. Hope you had fun reading my previous posts on dog books. Be ready for when I write more reviews on canine stories. Hachiko Waits by Lesléa Newman Hachiko Waits is a fictionalized story based on a true account. It takes place in Japan, starting with Hachiko’s puppyhood and hisContinue reading “Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review Four”

Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review Three

I hope you’re enjoying my reviews on dog books. I’ll post more middle grade books about canine animals in the future. For now, I’ll have one more review after this week. Here’s the book for today. Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien Roverandom is a dog who rips a wizard’s trousers, and that wizard turns him intoContinue reading “Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review Three”

Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review Two

Here’s another mini-review of a middle grade book. A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin It’s a fantastic story about a dog who lives most of her life as a stray. The dog, called Squirrel, tells her story in first person. Her mother is a stray herself, so Squirrel doesn’tContinue reading “Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review Two”

Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review One

All right, friends. You have been seeing me give reviews on picture books with canine characters. Are you wishing that I throw out recommendations on middle grade books with similar animals? During the next few weeks, I’ll post a quick review of a book I recommend, and each will include notes of discernment. Here’s theContinue reading “Middle Grade Books on Dogs: Review One”

A “Doggy” Book Review by K.A. Cummins

Looking for more dog books for your young kids? Here is one called “Larry Gets Lost in the Library,” written by Eric Ode and illustrated by John Skewes. It’s about a dog who gets trapped in a bookmobile and is whisked away to a library. I haven’t read the full book myself, but K.A. CumminsContinue reading “A “Doggy” Book Review by K.A. Cummins”

A Fox-filled Book Review

Want your kids—or students if you’re a teacher—to be inspired to explore nature? There may still be snow where you’re at, but there may be animals mingling about. The picture book, “Saving Samantha,” is a true story about a fox living with the people who saved her. The author shares her journal entries of howContinue reading “A Fox-filled Book Review”