Dog Stories for Young Kids

You may have detected my obsession with canine stories. *smiles* If you share my love for them, here’s a couple of adorable tales for younger children. This here is Pupunzel, a retelling of Rapunzel for emerging readers. Like Rapunzel, this cute golden pup has super long hair and is stuck in a tower. I doContinue reading “Dog Stories for Young Kids”

Exciting Adventures for Middle Graders

Looking for an adventure story for your 8 to 12-year-olds? Try S.D. Smith’s The Green Ember series. I’ve only listened to the first audiobook of the series, and it was great. It can be compared to the Redwall series. You can download the first audiobook for FREE when you sign up for S.D. Smith’s newsletter,Continue reading “Exciting Adventures for Middle Graders”

Why I Read More Kids’ Books Than YA Books: A Casual Conversation Post — Words

Note: I shared this post from Kaley Kriesel’s blog Words. Read on to find encouragement if you’ve ever felt silly for reading kids’ books as an adult or teen. Or even for writing more children’s stories than YA stories. I myself dabble in YA writing here and there, but I’ll probably be writing more children’sContinue reading “Why I Read More Kids’ Books Than YA Books: A Casual Conversation Post — Words”

More Homeschooling Materials for Language Arts

Looking for homeschooling lessons that have students study the classics? Try out Teachers Pay Teachers. Yes, they offer lessons for homeschoolers, too. Lessons list their appropriate grade levels. They include novel studies, comprehension bundles, study guides, read-alongs, and so on. You can study classics like… Frankenstein Treasure Island Robin Hood Anne of Green Gables PeterContinue reading “More Homeschooling Materials for Language Arts”

Fiction Illuminates Truth – Author Interview with Courtney M. Whitaker — M Liz Boyle

You may have known that I’ve written reviews of kids’ picture books, but I do keep my eye out for great middle grade and young adult books. Here is M Liz Boyle interviewing middle grade and young adult author Courtney M. Whitaker. Here they discuss how fiction can show characters shining their light in theContinue reading “Fiction Illuminates Truth – Author Interview with Courtney M. Whitaker — M Liz Boyle”

Literacy Lessons for Homeschool

The new school year is just around the corner (or maybe it has already arrived for you). Are you looking for ways to have your children analyze their favorite books? University of Cincinnati Speech and Hearing Clinic has a YouTube channel that reads books and teaches lessons related to the books. This here is LittleContinue reading “Literacy Lessons for Homeschool”

The Importance of Fiction in a Christian’s Life by Teen Writers’ Nook — M Liz Boyle

Is your teen a reader? If so, awesome! This post, re-blogged from M Liz Boyle’s blog, shows the benefits a teen can gain from reading. This post is also a reminder for us writers to incorporate these benefits into our stories. Today I have the privilege of introducing Teen Writers’ Nook to the blog. Let’sContinue reading “The Importance of Fiction in a Christian’s Life by Teen Writers’ Nook — M Liz Boyle”

A Feathery Book Review and a New Puppy!

Hi, all. A new book review, written by yours truly, is posted on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog. It’s Birds of the Air by S.E.M. Ishida. You may recognize Ishida’s name, as I re-blog some of her posts here on this site. And here’s a fun fact: she and I used to be in the same writingContinue reading “A Feathery Book Review and a New Puppy!”

Book Review — The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson

Originally posted on Lou Allen – Christian Faith and Fiction:
I just finished reading The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson. Description: “Gisela’s childhood was filled with laughter and visits from nobles such as the duke and his young son. But since her father’s death, each day has been filled with nothing but servitude to her…