It’s Here!

Any readers of YA out there? Do you enjoy stories of love, monsters, and foreign countries? Here is my short story “Puma Claw,” a tale set in Mexico and involves a troubled married couple and a shapeshifting menace. It’s available for public viewing all day today. When today is gone, it’ll only be available toContinue reading “It’s Here!”

One More Christmas Story for the Holidays

Happy New Year, everyone! How about one more Christmas treat before the holidays are over? Here is “When Angels Sing,” a story fitting for teens and adults, by Elizabeth McD. She also shares her inspiration for her tale. Backstory on the inspiration for the story: One cold, cold evening earlier this month I stopped atContinue reading “One More Christmas Story for the Holidays”

Short Story Coming Soon…Written by Me

I have written a story filled with love, terror, and courage, and it’s friendly for teenagers and adults. It will be featured on Havok Publishing’s website, and it’s called “Puma Claw.” It takes place in Mexico, and it involves a man on an emotional whirlwind as he searches for his missing wife. He then savesContinue reading “Short Story Coming Soon…Written by Me”

A Christmas Book Review and Music

Merry Early Christmas, everyone! I wrote a review on a sweet story called Nick, the Christmas Coyote. You can find it on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog “Off the Beaten Track,” where you can read other reviews written by me and others. What are your favorite Christmas carols? For an extra festive treat, here’s a version ofContinue reading “A Christmas Book Review and Music”

Writer and Reader Gift Guide 2022 (40+ Ideas!) by Kaley Kriesel

Originally posted on Words:
Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today I have a bit of a Christmas-y post for you, since it’s coming so close (How is it December? Really?!). Gift shopping is probably one of the most exciting and difficult parts of the season, so I wanted to lend a hand…

“The Floor is Lava” Game is Ending Tomorrow

This round of “The Floor is Lava” is ending TOMORROW at 12:00pm MST! Be sure to join the group, “The floor is lava, come play” on MeWe, where I get to see all the neat stuff you come up with. Post whatever lava-themed post you wish (Just make sure they’re clean enough for a twelve-year-oldContinue reading ““The Floor is Lava” Game is Ending Tomorrow”

“The Floor is Lava” Game is Still Going…Till Saturday

Don’t forget to play “The Floor is Lava,” a game I administrate on MeWe. You’ll get a chance to win a free book. Join the group, “The floor is lava, come play,” and post whatever volcano-themed item you wish. Be creative as you make a lava-related meme. Or show off your sweet tooth as youContinue reading ““The Floor is Lava” Game is Still Going…Till Saturday”

Black Friday Book Sale!

Hi, everyone. Want to fill up your Kindle app with new reads? There’s a Black Friday Book Sale happening online (even though Friday is over). Click on the button to see what’s available. I myself bought the following books. I know, I may look like those people who take a picture of their food andContinue reading “Black Friday Book Sale!”

Another Round of “The Floor is Lava” is Here

Get ready to play “The Floor is Lava” on MeWe and win a free book. If you’re on MeWe, join the group, “The floor is lava, come play,” and have fun! Whoever wins will get Kendra E. Ardnek’s young adult story Crown & Cinder, a mash-up of Cinderella and Pride and Prejudice. Here’s the blurbContinue reading “Another Round of “The Floor is Lava” is Here”

A Dog Snatcher and an Exalted Dragon Warrior

Did you play “The Floor is Lava” last week? Another round of the game is coming next week. Keep an eye for it. 🙂 Remember Kandi J. Wyatt’s giveaway I announced two weeks ago? Congratulations to whoever won it! However, I made a mistake. Exalted and The Dog Snatcher weren’t books that were being givenContinue reading “A Dog Snatcher and an Exalted Dragon Warrior”