“Tales of the Chawnsa Corps: Beginnings” by Joseph Ficor

Originally posted on Starship Chi-Rho Studio:
This is the first of an experimental series of stories written in the haibun style. Haibun is from medieval Japan in which a haiku was written after a section of prose. I learned of the style when I read an English translation of the book Oku no Hosomichi (“The…

“Daddy’s Job” by Joseph Ficor (Starship Chi-Rho Studio)

Hi, all. Want a short story that’s fitting for teens and adults? Something that’s sci fi and dystopian? Look no further than Joseph Ficor’s “Daddy’s Job.” Here, a little girl finds out that her dad’s job may not be so amazing. Rather, it involves murder. Ooo, that sounds dystopian right there, doesn’t it? Take itContinue reading ““Daddy’s Job” by Joseph Ficor (Starship Chi-Rho Studio)”