A Christmas-y Book Review

Hello, everyone! Christmas is a season that’s filled with fun stories. Here is a kid’s book that’s perfect for your holiday collection. It’s called The Christmas Fox by Anik McGrory.

Don’t have the book but want to read it for Christmas? It is available for Kindle and Nook Book for a quick purchase.

There’s also a link to Miss Jen’s read-aloud of the book.

Merry Christmas to you all! And may it be a day to remember Jesus, the Light of the world.

Kid’s Book Advent and Gift Ideas for Everyone

Still looking for ideas on how to countdown to Christmas with your young children? Why not read a book per advent day? The following links give ideas on what books to add to your advent list.

Do you need ideas on gifts for your kid and teen readers? Bona Fide Bookworm is a source for finding clever gifts, and they even list gifts based on classics like Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan, and more. What kinds of gifts does this site show? It includes jewelry, soaps, bookmarks, tote bags, decor, and even different-flavored teas.

They also list this rug. How cute!

Teacher/Homeschooler Materials

Looking for new Language Arts lessons? My friend K.A. Cummins provides lesson materials for students grades 1 through 12. Available lessons include vocabulary exercises, a lesson on reviewing books, and a four-week Creative Writing lesson plan. She also has book club materials for her book Snow Globe Travelers (grades 3-6).

If you want lessons based on books your students are reading, she has materials on the following books:

The Boy From Earth by Darrell Pitts (grades 3-6)

Spark by J.M. Hackman (grades 7-10)

The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson (grades 9-12)

Vincent in Wonderland by C.E. White (grades 4-7)

All her lessons are FREE! Click on the following link to learn more.

What to read next? — S. E. M. Ishida

Are you wondering how to create a summer or winter reading list? Author S.E.M. Ishida has ideas that would help in the following article.

“And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” Ecclesiastes 12:12 (KJV) You’ve probably heard it before: To be a good writer, you should read a lot. However, reading can become a distraction. You can’t read everything. Your “to read” pile might never go […]

What to read next? — S. E. M. Ishida

Dragon Book Funded!

Good news! My friend C.E. White has her book When Your Dragon Is Too Big For a Bath fully funded!

You can still get a sneak peek of the book through the Kickstarter link below.

All kids need to be shown how to pray to God when troubles come. And be shown how God answers prayer in unexpected ways. This book shows that, so this would be a great addition to your church library.

Book Feature: Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Joe Sutphin

Have you heard of Little Pilgrim’s Progress? It’s the children’s version of the John Bunyan classic by Helen L. Taylor. Recently, Joe Sutphin made an illustrated version with animal characters. James D. Witmer, author of The Strange New Dog, has written a review of this book. I haven’t read Sutphin’s version myself, but I like the samples of the book’s illustrations. The rabbit is the perfect choice to play Christian, as the rabbit captures the image of a fearful yet loveable creature. I assume the owl on the book’s cover is supposed to be the Evangelist. If it is, even though the “wise owl” is an overused caricature, the owl is a nice choice as children can relate to this caricature.

The following link leads to Witmer’s review:

Want New Books?

Are you looking for something to fill your time? How about a new book? Lorehaven has a library listing Christian science fiction and fantasy novels for middle graders, teens, and adults. They have summaries for these books, and with some they have reviews and “discernment” sections where they mention violent content and other factors to consider.

Have you ever heard of Realm Makers? It’s a writers’ organization I’m a member of, and they have a bookstore of Christian speculative fiction as well as Christian nonfiction. They also award writers for best fantasy, science fiction, young adult, middle grade, etc. The following link leads to the 2021 winners list, and maybe you’ll find a new read there.

Almost Fully Funded!

You’ve probably seen in a past post that my fellow author C.E. White has a book on Kickstarter called When Your Dragon Is Too Big for a Bath. It’s almost fully funded! If you haven’t contributed yet, please do. The pictures are adorable, and the story itself illustrates how a child can exercise faith in the midst of trials.