Writing Chapter Books by CAYUGA ISLAND KIDS Author Judy Bradbury

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Are you looking for tips on how to write a chapter book for seven to ten-year-olds? That is, kids who are moving beyond picture books yet are not quite ready for in-depth novels? Children’s author Judy Bradbury shares what goes into a chapter book for younger children on Tara Lazar’s site, which I’m reblogging here.

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

by Judy Bradbury

Thanks, Tara, for inviting me to your blog space to offer a few tips on writing chapter books! I’m honored to be here.

A bit of background: THE CAYUGA ISLAND KIDS is chapter books series is contemporary fiction featuring five diverse friends who embark on backyard adventures, solve mysteries, and grow as a result of their experiences. The kids are resourceful, kind-hearted “fact detectives” who use their varied interests, their smarts, kindness, and humor to overcome hurdles and solve problems. Above all, these are kids who value friendship and community. The stories feature history, community service, respect for the environment, brainstorming, teamwork, misinformation, disinformation, and the importance of gathering all the facts—from more than one source—when tackling a problem, seeking a solution, and before landing on an opinion or drawing a conclusion.


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Trying to Get Your Kids to Read?

Are you looking for ways to get kids reading during the summer? Children’s author Diane Davies has tips on encouraging young people to read⁠she has experience with teaching, after all. Click on the bottom link to access ways to have kids get access to books while being adventurous and having fun.

Below are books Davies has written. Look at the vibrant colors in the covers!

The Importance of Writing for Yourself

Do you write for personal enjoyment while wanting to be published one day?

If you’re working towards publication, you may know the pressure in pleasing your future readers. If you’re wishing to find freedom from this pressure—or at least some of the pressure—author S.E.M. Ishida illustrates how you can write for personal enjoyment while still aiming for publication.

S. E. M. Ishida

I don’t think I realized until recently how important it is to write for yourself. Let’s face it—writing and publishing can feel like work. You close your day job laptop and open your personal laptop to reply to an editor’s email and post to your author social media accounts. Then there’s writing a new manuscript or editing an existing draft. It’s all part of a dream coming true, but it’s still work.

What doesn’t feel so much like work? Giving yourself a place to play. To be cheesy, even cringey. To ramble to an extent that would bore anyone but yourself. The kind of writing for yourself that I’m talking about here is like singing in the shower. No one’s listening, and that is a beautiful thing.

When I write with the intention to publish, I want to write a story that I’d like to read, but publishing means keeping…

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The Purpose of Fiction in Real Life – Guest Post by Shalynn Mellerup — M Liz Boyle

The following post is from M. Liz Boyle’s website. Enjoy reading about the benefits of fiction by Shalynn Mellerup, and be sure to check out her picture books.

With all the worthwhile non-fiction available, do we really need fiction stories? Today we’re welcoming my friend Shalynn Mellerup to the blog! Read on to see her thoughts on the importance of fiction. I’ve always considered myself to be an optimistic person. I want to be the kind of person who smiles in the rain […]

The Purpose of Fiction in Real Life – Guest Post by Shalynn Mellerup — M Liz Boyle

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Books About Spiritual Warfare for Middle Graders

Are you looking for a middle grade novel or series that features kids facing spiritual warfare head-on? Allen Brokken’s books Light of Mine and Still Small Voice are out on Amazon’s Audible Audiobook. They’re books one and two of Brokken’s Towers of Light middle grade series, and books three and four are available in Kindle and paperback form.

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Christian Middle Grade Author
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* Light of Mine by Allen Brokken – Author
* Vincent in Wonderland by CE White Books
* Diana Alderoot and the Gilded Mage by Trista Shaye
* Wolf Soldier by James Hannibal
* Iggy and Oz and the Plastic Dinos of Doom by JJ Johnson
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Towers of Light Series Boxed Set
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* Fear No Evil – Will the darkness overtake Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan? Or will they prove their faith is stronger and that they fear no evil?
* Armor of God – Their Father has become the Dark One’s Champion. Can Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan retrieve the Lost Armor of God to stand against him?
* Access to download the Light of Mine digital 4-week Unit Study

10 – Armor of God Posters

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