Writer and Reader Gift Guide 2022 (40+ Ideas!) by Kaley Kriesel

Are you scrambling to buy gifts for your family and friends? Kaley Kriesel has an extensive list of ideas, even last-minute ones and ones for non-readers and non-writers.


Hey warriors! Welcome or welcome back to Words! Today I have a bit of a Christmas-y post for you, since it’s coming so close (How is it December? Really?!). Gift shopping is probably one of the most exciting and difficult parts of the season, so I wanted to lend a hand to you all, at least for your writer and reader friends! This will be divided into two main sections and beyond that, divided by where you can get the items. Let’s dive in!


It’s sometimes hard to know what to get a reader, especially if you don’t read their genre or they read more than they talk. Often slightly introverted, usually rather curious, and almost always read something about that topic in a book, they tend to live in the clouds as often as they live on earth.


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