The Importance of Writing for Yourself

Do you write for personal enjoyment while wanting to be published one day?

If you’re working towards publication, you may know the pressure in pleasing your future readers. If you’re wishing to find freedom from this pressure—or at least some of the pressure—author S.E.M. Ishida illustrates how you can write for personal enjoyment while still aiming for publication.

S. E. M. Ishida

I don’t think I realized until recently how important it is to write for yourself. Let’s face it—writing and publishing can feel like work. You close your day job laptop and open your personal laptop to reply to an editor’s email and post to your author social media accounts. Then there’s writing a new manuscript or editing an existing draft. It’s all part of a dream coming true, but it’s still work.

What doesn’t feel so much like work? Giving yourself a place to play. To be cheesy, even cringey. To ramble to an extent that would bore anyone but yourself. The kind of writing for yourself that I’m talking about here is like singing in the shower. No one’s listening, and that is a beautiful thing.

When I write with the intention to publish, I want to write a story that I’d like to read, but publishing means keeping…

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