Join “The Floor is Lava” Game


“The Floor is Lava” game is still going. Just join the group “The floor is lava, come play” on MeWe, and post volcano-themed posts to win a free copy of In the Company of Dragonslayers, book one of Andrew M. Trauger’s The Dragonslayers Saga. To learn more about the world of Dragonslayers, check out his website.

How do you win? Post a volcano-themed article, a recipe for lava cake (or any lava-like dessert you can find), a fictional story involving a volcano, and more on “The floor is lava, come play.” Post as many times as you like.

PLEASE, no posts containing strong language, pornography, sexual content, or anything you wouldn’t want your twelve-year-old to see. The deadline will be May 27 at 12:00pm MST.

Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on others’ posts. Whoever receives the most responses will be the winner!

Do you know of any children’s books about volcanos? Here’s a book that has the word “volcano.”

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