I Made a Mistake

Have you joined the group “The floor is lava, come play” on MeWe yet? If you join, you can post a lava-themed picture or meme and get a chance to win a free copy of Andrew M. Trauger’s first Dragonslayers book. Click on the link here to read my last post and learn more.

However, I made an error on that post. I said I had the honors of reading a draft of Andrew’s book. Why was it an error? The correct wording should be “I was privileged (or honored) to read a draft,” since I can’t get all the credit for reading any of his drafts. It’s actually a team of people who looked at his work, including our critique group.

If you’re a writer who’s not part of a critique group, you should be. When I first joined my group, I did have my share of humble pie as I saw how my writing needed improvement. But a community like this has helped me develop the critical thinking skills needed for writing good stories. Not to mention I get to see other writers’ amazing tales, and it’s a great opportunity to network with others.

My group is affiliated with Realm Makers, an organization that equips Christians who write fantasy and sci-fi genres. You can search online for other reputable writers’ groups, and you can also try your local library and see if they have a group.

Anyway, back to “The floor is lava.” Here is a picture for inspiration if you want to join.

(The lake is lava. Stay in the boat!)

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