“The Floor is Lava” Game is Still Going…Till Saturday

Don’t forget to play “The Floor is Lava,” a game I administrate on MeWe. You’ll get a chance to win a free book.

Join the group, “The floor is lava, come play,” and post whatever volcano-themed item you wish. Be creative as you make a lava-related meme. Or show off your sweet tooth as you share a lava cake recipe. Or express your geekiness as you post an article about volcanoes or a video of a lava-like science experiment, like the following video.

Whoever receives the most likes, comments, and shares on their post will get Kendra E. Ardnek’s young adult story Crown & Cinder, a mash-up of Cinderella and Pride and Prejudice. Here’s the blurb from Amazon.com.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a girl, in possession of stepmother and stepsisters, must be in want of a fairy godmother to come whisk her away to some ball, where she might fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after…
Lizzy hated facts universally acknowledged.

Lizzy is a Cinder. However, conjuring fire at one’s fingertips isn’t considered appropriate in polite society, so she hides among her family’s servants. Besides, her ruse also serves to protect her country from the Mistress’s mad quest for power. No, it’s much better all around if she lets her stepsister live her life.
But now the Gardener has taken the Mistress’s throne, her motives unknown, and three royal balls have thrown Lizzy into the path of the most irritating king in the land. Meanwhile, can her beloved stepsister ever find a man willing to look past her farmer father? It’s a complicated mess and Lizzy only wants out.
Too bad the Forest doesn’t care what she wants.

Post as often as you want. Make sure your posts have no pornography, strong profanity, or anything you wouldn’t want your twelve-year-old to see. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on other posts, too.

The game ends December 10 at 12:00pm MST. Have fun!

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