On MeWe? Come Play “The Floor is Lava” With Me!

Hi, everyone!

I’m hosting a game on the MeWe page, “The floor is lava, come play!” Join the page to post a lava-themed meme or article, and you can win a free copy of Kandi J. Wyatt’s young adult novel Uprooted (Four Stars over Ardtaz: Sovereigns Book 1). Here’s the blurb:

Hest’s dad taught him all he knows about horses, but when the most magnificent stallion he’s ever seen walks through his stable, 18-year-old Hest’s life changes as drastically as it did the day his parents died.

Now in the service of the warrior who owns this fabulous creature, Hest travels far from the only home he’s known and into the world of kings, princesses, and court intrigue.

If only life was as simple as working with a horse, but people are more complex and want more than fresh straw and some oats. If Hest isn’t careful, he’ll end up on the wrong side of a sword or worse—betraying the very people who have taken him in. (Amazon.com)

Have fun!

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