“The Floor Is Lava” Game is on MeWe Again

I’m hosting “The Floor Is Lava” game on MeWe again! If you’re on MeWe, join the group “The floor is lava, come play!” and join the fun.

Here’s how the game works. Post a funny meme of a person or animal keeping their feet off the floor, or post a link to science facts about volcanos, books about volcanos, or even lava cake recipes. Just be sure they’re family friendly, please.

Then like, share, or comment on your favorite posts. The post that receives the most responses by June 4 at 12:00pm MST will win a free copy of M.H. Elrich’s Toothbreaker. It’s an amazing story involving people with special talents, wolf companions, forgiveness, and redemption. The following link gives a summary of the book.

Post as many posts as you want. I’ll post a few on MeWe for inspiration, but I’m exempt from the game. 😉

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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